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My sweet, sweet friend Lesley nearly inflated my head to the size of a hot air balloon a couple months ago when she asked me to coordinate and plan a baby shower for her twin sister.
Me?! What?!

Upon our first Skype “meeting”, I immediately fell in love with the concept of this  baby shower.  Lesley’s sister Lara is getting ready to welcome her first baby boy into this world and his nursery has already been done up in blues and yellows with a bird theme, including natural accents (such as a beautiful birch tree wall mural). Lesley hoped the shower would follow this theme.

The first step was thinking up a special catchphrase for the invite.  For these James Taylor-loving sisters, I thought “How ‘Tweet It Is” was just about perfect!

And ‘tweet it was….

It’s a little ridiculous how many bird-inspired accents are in my house in the spring already.  I kind of love birds and nests.  So needless-to-say, I was excited about this idea.

 Welcome to the Nest, Baby Blake!

Here are the highlights of the special day for Lara…

For these Robin Egg Sugar Cookies, I used my Sugar Cookie recipe and iced them with Powdered Sugar Icing.  To give them their egg-like spots, after the icing had dried, I mixed a bit of food coloring (two drops red and two drops green make a great brown) with a little water and used a craft paintbrush.  Using the tip of my finger against the paintbrush, I splattered the mixture onto the cookies.  A toothbrush (that has not been used and that you don’t plan to use!) works well too…that’s what I used to splatter back in my art school days:)

The concept for this shower was fresh, spring-y, chic, and simple.  So the menu revolved around our theme (and also incorporated lots of berries, as the momma loves them!)  And, of course, a little bird-theme in there too.

Cheeses, garnished with berries, and crackers
Crudités with Homemade Ranch
Johnnycakes of the Ozarks
Fresh Fruit Salad
Robin’s Egg Sugar Cookies
Angel Food Cupcakes with Fresh Vanilla Whipped Cream
Caramel Bird’s Nests with Jelly Bean Eggs
Sparkling Punch

The only menu special request was for the Angel Food.  It’s the momma’s favorite cake and as I searched for a cupcake version, I was happy to find that my trusted blog How Sweet Eats had a recipe.  The results were delicious and I went for a rustic look with the cupcakes, which I don’t often do, but seemed appropriate for the shower theme.  So instead of piping icing in a structured matter, I dolloped on whipped cream for a more casual look.
Berries and cream in the spring and summer are a HUGE favorite of mine.  And these cupcakes were the perfect accompaniment.

Lara also loves daisies, which happened to fit perfectly into the theme as well.  What is springier than a daisy?  And it’s perfectly simple, yet chic.  And, since daisies are an inexpensive flower, I bought quite a few bunches and we had flowers everywhere!  Nothing quite makes an impact like fresh flowers.
In addition to the real flowers (most of which were displayed in mason jars simply tied with raffia), paper daisies from Paper Source were used to decorate as well.  Some soft blue fabric with tiny daisies on it was used as runners for the serving table and all other tables.  Various types of birds nests and eggs were also used across tables.The favors included muslin bags (stamped with a little nest and egg) that I found on etsy.com.  I stuffed them full of birdseed with a thank you note attached.  Another favor basket included a Lullaby CD for each party guest.
The piano was used to set out tiny advice cards for each guest to fill out.  They were asked, “What memorable traditions or words of wisdom (from either your own childhood or your parenting experience) would you like to pass on to the mom-to-be?”

 The results were both precious….
…and hilarious….
As the gift opening took place, I put the cards together into a tiny keepsake for Lara and baby Blake.
 Guests enjoyed hearing the cards read aloud by Lara after presents were opened.
In my opinion, all showers need some sort of interactive activity.  I shy away from calling them “games” because shower games, frankly, scare people away at times.  I always take a hint from the guest of honor and the shower theme as to what they’d enjoy best.  And this compilation from all guests that resulted in a keepsake for Lara was the perfect activity for this shower.

All in all, it was SUCH a ‘tweet day.

What made it even ‘tweeter (are you sick of that yet?) was having my sweet  hubby as my day-of event helper and self-proclaimed sous chef.  It’s about time he got a shout out on the blog!  Thanks, honey!

Hospitably Yours,